Battambang Security Co-ordination Manual


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E.      Evacuation Phase Plan


This section describes the steps to be followed if there is a security threat to Battambang.

Battambang city is divided into sectors. Sector control is maintained until such time as the decision  made to congregate. Group control is established when ASCs / CSCs have decided to evacuate the city and it is advisable to do so.

In the event that the decision to evacuate Battambang city is made (in step 5 below) people in sectors of Battambang city will congregate in 6 groups prior to their actual departure from Battambang, this time control will pass from sector to group control.



incoming artillery -

Outgoing artillery -

Ground fighting in or near the municipal border line -

 Internal insecurity, prevailing anarchy -


Apparent calm over a 24-48 hour period

Apparent calm over a 12-24 hour period

Apparent calm over a 12-24 hour period

Apparent calm over a 12-48 hour period



Sector control

1) City Security Co-ordinators (CSC) stand by and monitor defined sectors as indicated on the attached map. Sectors should correspond to the location of the CSC’s residence.

2) Security analysis according to each sector; CSCs communicate on channel 1 / 6 / 7. Codan / telephone.

3) Information collection and via the emergency information dissemination co-ordinator / general announcements on channel 3.


********************Period of Calm*********************


4) Jointly determine time for CSC movement to complete staff check lists in their sectors. Jointly determine time for ASC / CSC meeting in predetermined location.

5) At the meeting discuss / vote for or against transition to Group Control. If the decision was to declare phase 3 / 4, refer to the next column which puts the Evacuation Plan into action..

Group control

1) Group leaders at meeting point in their convoy preparation; determine time / date of convoy departure.

Determine a/b/c exit. Match Sector Control lists to Group Control lists.

Decide on armed / unarmed escorts.

Select convoy leaders.

 2) Finalise convoy dissemination to groups on time / date / breakdown, and exit. Explain convoy rules and radio protocol

 3) convoy congregates at six points and departs in controlled groups of 8 / 10 vehicles. Maintain radio contact, inform stations Pur / Sis / Aran / Pnp by SITOR only.



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