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Mailino II Agreement

FEBRUARY 12, 2002

The Muslims, the Christians and the Government of the Moluccas agreed to end the strife and come to terms one with another. The agreement was signed by the 35 Muslim and 35 Christian delegates, the team of mediators and the observers, putting the total at one hundred signatories. The signing mediators included Coordinating Ministers Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Yusuf Kalla, Supreme Police Commander Dai Bahtiar and the Governor of the Moluccas M. Latuconsina.

The Moluccas Agreement of Malino consists of eleven points:

(1) To end the conflict and all kinds of violence.

(2) To uphold supremacy of justice in a lawful, stringent and honest way, impartially and supported by the whole population.

(3) To refuse and combat all sorts of separatist activities, including the RMS (South Moluccas Republic Movement).

(4) The people of the Moluccas have the right to be and to work and to be active in the whole of Indonesia. Likewise Indonesian non-Moluccans have the right to be and to work and to be active in the Province of the Moluccas legally and rightly under the condition that they respect and obey local culture and uphold security and local regulations.

(5) All kinds of organisations, denominations, groups or laskar are not allowed to be in possession of weaponry without permission. Either they must hand over their weapons, or the weapons will be confiscated whereupon they will be prosecuted according to the law.

(6) A national independent team will be established to investigate conclusively on the event of January 19, 1999 (the start of the conflict).

(7) The refugees / IDPs will be returned to their original homesteads, however without any compulsion, maintaining all of their legal rights. This to be carried out in stages according to local actual conditions.

(8) The Government will assist the people in matters of mental and social rehabilitation, and in rebuilding the economy and public facilities.

(9) Stability and firmness of the Military and Police Forces, according to their respective functions, is categorically necessary in order to maintain discipline and security in the whole area.

(10) In order to guarantee correct communication and harmony between the adherents of the various religious denominations in the Moluccas, all forms of religious services and religious display will respect the local diversity and culture.

(11) To endorse the rehabilitation of the Pattimura University, based on the principle that this institution is meant to foster common welfare. Therefore the system of recruitment and all other measures will take place openly and impartially, whilst safeguarding the quality that is needed.