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Text of the "Declaration of War" by Laskar Jihad Commander Ustadz Ja'far Umar Thalib, broadcast on Radio SPMM (Voice of the Maluku Muslim Struggle) on 1-3 May 2002; as published by Indonesian newspaper Berdarah web site on 8 May.

BBC Monitoring International Reports May 16, 2002: Text Of Laskar Jihad Leader's "Declaration Of War"

(subheadings inserted editorially)

May peace and His mercy and blessing be upon you. Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. Teachers, imams prayer leaders of mosques, community figures and all Muslim faithful wherever they are who are listening to my call.

We are grateful to Allah God Subhanahu Wataala praise be to the Almighty who has chosen us as His soldiers. Allah's soldiers have received a military obligation as stated by Allah: "Jihad is ordained for you though you dislike it and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. And Allah knows but you do not know!" Koranic verses quoted throughout. Therefore, Allah has ordained the military obligation to us as Allah's soldiers.

Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. For those who are still doubtful about going to war, listen to Allah's advice on how we should carry out this mission of war. Allah Subhanahu Wataala has warned us: "And what is wrong with you that you don't fight in the cause of Allah? And those oppressed among them cry to Allah: Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors. Our Lord! Raise for us from You one who will help."

Beloved and honoured Muslim Faithful, listeners of SPMM radio. What law in this world can oppose Allah's law when Allah states that we are obliged to fight to defend the oppressed people who cannot defend themselves? And what earthly law can prohibit the religious obligation expressed in the command of Allah, "And if they, your brothers in faith, ask you for your help, then you are ordained to help them." Therefore, I state emphatically that all laws and regulations that oppose Allah's commandments are actually invalid.

Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. Because of this, then, we face the reality of the oppression, crimes and treason of the Maluku provincial administration, which has been given the title Civil Emergency Authority. For more than three years the Muslim faithful have been toyed with and mocked with various kinds of fraud, evil play and treasonous evil carried out by the Maluku provincial Administration, together with the Church, which is the command headquarters of the RMS South Maluku Republic movement.

The Maluku provincial administration, led by Saleh Latuconsina, and the Church led by perpetrators of crimes against humanity, priests who have stolen the proscribed wealth of the people, have conspired to carry out an evil and treasonous plot against the Muslim faithful, namely that of expelling the Muslim faithful and then proclaiming the establishment of the RMS state.

We have tried lobbying to resist the evil that is continuously perpetrated. We have lobbied the central government, TNI/Polri Indonesian National Military Forces/National Police personnel, both at TNI Headquarters and Polri Headquarters and in the Maluku provincial administration.

We have been trying more than adequately to do this for more than three years. And yet all these efforts have not helped the condition of the Muslim faithful, who constantly subject to the games of the perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Moreover, the PDS Civil Emergency Authority has apparently been taken over and is now controlled by the Church which is actually the command headquarters of the RMS movement. So this movement is no longer mere talk, but it has been realized in the form of political manoeuvres at the national and international level.

It also exists in the form of military manoeuvres and mass mobilization through insulting state symbols such as the DPRD Provincial House of Representatives and the Governor's Office.

Apart from that, they also dare to disregard the prohibition of the central government and regional administration concerning the RMS anniversary and raising of the RMS flag. Saleh Latuconsina, in his capacity as Civil Emergency Authority, has done nothing whatsoever in response to all these insults. Saleh has now positioned himself as the civil emergency traitor.

The climax was when we Muslim faithful warned the government by threatening a people's war that stern action must be taken against all plans of RMS figures within and without the Church who wanted to commemorate the RMS anniversary.

All ultimatums ignored

Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. We have done all this in the name of exercising our duty and obligation as citizens of the Republic of Indonesia to defend it. Moreover, we have done all this in the name of exercising our religious obligations, namely defending the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

But all the ultimatums that we issued were ignored by the PDS. In fact, the PDS actually approved and allowed the RMS anniversary to be commemorated throughout Maluku. In some places, based on photographic evidence that we have received, there were official ceremonies of RMS flag-raising. It all shows what a cruel traitor Saleh Latuconsina is towards the Islamic faithful and the Republic of Indonesia.

Because of all of this, we don't want to eventually be categorized by Allah as a group that is good at talking but does nothing. As Allah Subhanahu Wataala warned in his Word: "O you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? Most hateful it is with Allah that you only talk, but do not do what you say." Therefore, in view of the current situation, we declare our determination to conduct universal people's warfare against the treason of the Civil Emergency Traitor led by Saleh Latuconsina. And we Muslim faithful must prove this declaration by taking action.

In the current situation, it would be extremely strange if Saleh Latuconsina decided tomorrow on 2 May 2002, large-scale sweeping would commence across Maluku.

He 's incapable of defending the Indonesian government from the undermining of the RMS rebellion, in which the Maluku Governor' Office and Ambon City DPRD Building have been burnt down. He's also incapable of defending his political decisions such as the prohibition of RMS anniversary celebrations. What's more, he's incapable of protecting the Muslim faithful from the subsequent threat posed by the RMS rebellion.

Then he issued orders that all Muslims must be disarmed. He's unable to disarm the RMS rebels, either in Kudamati, Passo or other places.

Therefore, we Muslim faithful firmly reject all forms of sweeping or other excuses similar to that, which certainly have the ultimate objective of disarming the Muslim faithful. And then he, Saleh Latuconsina, will provoke the anger of the Muslim faithful in order to create clashes with TNI/Polri. This is another crime of Saleh Latuconsina.

Warnings to Maluku Governor and to the Military & Police Area Commanders

O Saleh Latuconsina, if you hear my voice then listen to my final piece of advice. Be afraid of Allah knowing that the Church leaders, both national and international, cannot protect you from Allah's curse, damnation and wrath when you oppress the Muslim faithful.

O Saleh Latuconsina, listen to my advice. Don't continuously deceive the Muslim faithful. If you don't immediately repent of your deeds, Allah will disgrace you as low as possible, because the prayers of the oppressed are heard by Allah.

Remember. You won't live forever. Soon you will die because you're already old. Maybe you'll be a weak old man soon and a disgraced person if you don't immediately repent to Allah, or you'll enter your grave with Allah's wrath and be proscribed from His blessing.

Don't be too confident about all your crimes. O Saleh Latuconsina, if there is still a speck of faith in your heart, then you'd better think about the hereafter. All your ambition in this world to be elected governor again will in fact just result in more Muslim blood being spilt and multiply your sins and Allah's curse on you.

Are you going to live another hundred years O Saleh Latuconsina? Be afraid of Allah!!! Fear Allah!

Now my advice to the Pangdam commander of XVI Pattimura Military Area Command, Brother Moestopo. Fear Allah and His curse. Verily, the prayers of oppressed Muslims will get you. Be afraid of the prayers of the oppressed. The Muslim faithful have been oppressed by the ploys of your leader, Saleh Latuconsina. You should know that TNI is the tool of the state, not the tool of the ruler. Therefore, you should put the interests of the state before those of the ruler.

To Provincial Police Chief Sunarko, fear Allah! Be afraid of Allah! Do you still remember that you will die one day? Then you'll regret the responsibility of the Muslim blood on your hands because of what you have done.

Be afraid of Allah, O servants of Allah. You will be defeated if you oppose Allah's greatness. You will be destroyed if you are determined to oppose Allah's power. Don't be over confident of the physical power that you have.

Remember! Allah has soldiers whose numbers are infinite. If you are proud of your tens of thousands of soldiers and police, remember Allah has an infinite number of soldiers.

Allah's angels are always observing you. Remember you three Allah's angels are Allah's servants who were given great power. If the tip of an angel's wing touched the face of the earth, the earth and its contents would be destroyed. What armoured vehicles and Kopassus army special forces troops would you use to oppose Allah's angels?

Remember that the supreme commander is actually Allah. Therefore, if you remember this, you will repent from the rotten games that you play.

Call to prepare for "people's war", martyrdom

Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. Prepare yourselves for the disarmament operations to be conducted by security personnel led by their superiors who are making themselves the dogs of the RMS.

Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. Fear not the threats of the Civil Emergency Authority, or to be more precise the Civil Emergency Traitor. Allah Subhanahu Wataala has told us about the mentality of the believers in saying: "They the believers are the ones whom the others fear, and they have gathered against you (a great army), therefore fear them." But it only strengthened their Faith and they said, "Allah alone is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)."

That is the mentality of the believers. We are advised and called on by Allah to have such a mentality. We won't retreat in the face of their bluffing such as threats to carry out repressive action if we refuse sweeping.

Beloved and honoured Muslim faithful. Continue preparing all manner of opposition against all attempts of the PDS aimed at tricking the security personnel into confronting us. We will prepare everything necessary. Get the bombs that we have ready. Get our ammunition ready to spew forth the weapons that we have.

And we swear by Allah!... In the name of Allah!.. ellipses as published In the name of Allah! If one Muslim is killed by the security personnel, then Kudamati and Passo Christian areas of Ambon will be a sea of fire. In Allah's name we declare it.

We don't want to deal with messengers the security forces paid to clash with us. We want revenge for all the evil deeds committed against us by annihilating those giving the orders in Kudamati and Passo. This is our resolve.

We don't care about this constant flattery and deception. We are already far too disappointed in the government, both provincial and central, for its continuous deception.

O Saleh Latuconsina. Don't take this ultimatum for granted. You are apparently making plans to distract attention from the danger posed by the RMS treason which is undermining the dignity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia by creating clashes between Muslims and security personnel.

I swear by Allah! We are determined that we will not clash with the TNI/Polri. However, if they attack us on the grounds of sweeping or for any other reasons, we will fight back until the last drop of blood. We will also carry on the resistance up to Kudamati, Passo and until we free Maluku from the dirty hands of the RMS. This is our resolution. Don't mess with these tigers of Allah. We will not retreat from this principle.

Therefore, I order all members of the Laskar Jihad of Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah to write their will and testament and prepare themselves to take up the position of martyrs. Get all the weaponry out.

Because of this state of war, I am forced to announce to all Muslim faithful that the activities of SDIP Islamic Elementary School , TKIP Islamic Kindergarten, and TPQ Koran Reciting Course are temporarily suspended in order to allow for preparations for the people's war. And to all medical workers, they'd better make all preparation for providing services to those injured in battle.

To all the Muslim faithful I advise that they close the ranks and prepare themselves to take part in the people's resistance against the attempted betrayal of the nation and state.

"Second Afghanistan war will take place in Maluku"

We all place our trust in Allah Subhanahu Wataala, rejecting all forms of sweeping and the like. We are prepared to confront any type of armoured vehicles. In fact, we are prepared to confront jet fighters or combat helicopters. We don't care. This is all part of a warning to the world.

Listen, you accomplices of the United States. Listen, you accomplices of the World Church Council. Listen, you accomplices of Zionist evangelists. Listen, you Jews and Christians: We Muslims are inviting the US military to prove its power in Maluku. Let us fight to the finish. Let us prove for the umpteenth time that the Muslim faithful cannot be conquered by over-exaggerated physical power.

The second Afghanistan war will take place in Maluku if you are determined to carry out the threat, O America. Now you, the US, are suffering defeats, various terrifying strikes in Afghanistan. Let us meet gallantly on the field of battle.

We will bequeath our fighting spirit to our descendants because we have been appointed by Allah as His soldiers. And we hope that Allah includes us among His servants that are favoured by Him and His servants who uphold the dignity of His religion.

May Allah Subhanahu Wataala help us and save us from all forms of arrogance, ambition for compliments and the desire to seek popularity. May Allah continue saving us from such things. May Allah also endow us with pure intentions in worshipping Allah.

We remind all Muslim faithful that there is no power and no struggle without the help of Allah. Only Allah can help us. Therefore, increase prayers for forgiveness, prayers of repentance to Allah and multiply deeds of obedience to Allah to obtain Allah's favour so Allah makes us victorious because of that. Only Allah knows this matter. Until we meet in the battlefield. Allahu Akbar God is Great,

And may His peace, mercy and blessings be upon you!

Source: Berdarah web site, Ambon, in Indonesian 08 May 02