Battambang Security Co-ordination Manual


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I. Acknowledgements


Our biggest accomplishment will not be found on paper yet, rather in the enthusiasm demonstrated by so many volunteers whom have contributed to the coordination, implementation, development, and institutionalisation of a security management system for all concerned.


Particular recognition goes to Mr. Tom Petocz / IRC, for his essential contributions to the co-ordination, especially as a catalyst among the INGOs and in our merger of UN and lNGO agencies into one security co-ordination system. Tom is also responsible for the creation of the security communication network and the residential maps.


The author would also like to thank other volunteers who have made contributions to the manual including Ray Sano / CARERE, who translated the colour codes into Khmer, IRC local staff who compiled a list of cluster/district coordinators. Richard Rowat / RCG, put together a glossary, and Barbara Greenwood / IRC whom has regularly completed the lists and expatriate residential map updating after Tomís departure.


Very special thanks to Richard Rowat / RCG and his partner Ouk Chheng / RCG, whom have spent long hours reformatting this whole manual and computerising the maps. They deserve praise and Richard is also ready to make any adjustments in the manual as he has everything on one computer now.


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