Battambang Security Co-ordination Manual


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IV. Preface

Confidential --- Strictly Confidential --- Confidential

The Battambang Security Manual is strictly for use by UN / INGO security coordinators and internal agency consumption only. The distribution of this document is strictly forbidden.  

The purpose of this security co-ordination manual is to ensure joint collaboration among UN / INGO agencies, attempt to match the level of insecurity with the appropriate response mechanism and help remedy indecision by providing a concise plan of action based on indicators.

The UN Area Security Co-ordination team in agreement with all of the INGO agency heads and national security wardens have established a security protocol system for agency staff working in Battambang province. The UN / INGO security co-ordination team take no responsibility for agency staff working in Battambang province. All UN / INGO staff are encouraged to contribute to security coordination in Battambang by informing Romeo Bravo base of any important information regarding insecurity in the city, province and / or on the national routes.

Sincerely Yours,

The UN / INGO security management team


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