Battambang Security Co-ordination Manual


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V. District Security Coordination


A.     District Security Protocol


 The District Security Protocol was established in 1994 to help provide a security structure for response and monitoring for the UN / lNGOs working in the districts of Battambang province.

 The DSCs are not responsible for your safety while traveling or working in rural Battambang province.

 Travel outside Battambang city should be limited between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 PM (inclusive of departure and arrival).

 All staff members should familiarise themselves with the attached maps. When communicating on the UN VHF network, refer to your location as indicated by Sectors on the map (ex. A1, A2, A3, A4).

 All agency personnel using the UN radio network are asked to familiarise themselves with the UN VHF radio guidelines and closely adhere to them. Stay close to a radio while working in the districts or traveling outside Battambang city.

 All agencies are asked to check in with the designated District Security Coordinator (DSC) before entering Rattanak Mondol, Banon, and Bavel districts. Agency staff that are not on the UN VHF network may want to meet the ASC in person. Agency staff on the UN VHF network should check into the cluster. For example when entering DELTA cluster :





 Agencies working in Battambang province are asked to turn in a list of all agency staff members to Romeo Bravo base and update the list when changes take place. Please note the sector(s) where these staff members normally work. Current check list will be distributed to the DSCs. This list is confidential.


B.      Security Level Announcements


 In the event of a security threat occurring in a sector, the DSC will use channel 3 when making general announcements for agency personnel working in the cluster, en route to the cluster or planning to travel to the cluster.

 There are two types of security level, the spontaneous situation announcements and the morning situation level announcement.

 The spontaneous situation announcements are made during the day in the districts / clusters by the DSCs in response to insecurity/danger and then are repeated by Romeo Bravo base.  

The morning security level announcements are made by the DSCs while en route to the cluster or after receiving news in Battambang city that pertains to the security of their cluster. These are repeated by Romeo Bravo base.


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