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Battambang Security Coordination Manual


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The Security Management System - A computer system designed to track security incidents by type of threat, incident location and participants. Various graphs and reports can be produced to highlight changing threats and conditions.

The Health Surveillance System - A computer system specifically designed to monitor the health of refugees in any number of locations and record activities in those locations. It tracks and reports on the incidence of up to 10 diseases as well as recording and reporting on medical and water and sanitation activities.

The Budget Management System - A computer system that can be used to create an initial project budget during the planning stages, then to monitor expenses as they are incurred. This system generates all reports necessary to satisfy donor requirements and control project expenses on a daily, monthly and total basis.

* These systems can be placed on the internet and be accessed from any location.

The Disaster Management System - A comprehensive computer system for tracking the status of critical information - life lines, facilities, services, public health, resources.

The Disaster Assessment System - Currently in the testing phase of development this system is used by assessment teams in the field to organise and record their findings from various locations. It records critical information, from population to nutritional status to contacts, as well as more subjective narrative data. This system can be used to track multiple assessments of the same location(s) to compare changing conditions and act as an early warning system.

The NGO System - A full featured computer system for programme management - budgets, assets, payroll, purchasing, inventory, reporting.

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